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About our artisans

Behind every accessory Lastelier hides an exceptional craftsman whose hand and know-how are often inherited from previous generations. It is our craftsmen who help us on a daily basis to offer you quality, timeless and functional accessories studied down to the smallest detail and it is our craftsmen who, to shape them, use traditional materials - leather and natural raw materials - from the highest quality to guarantee a long life for each accessory, so that each piece that enters our lives stays there for a long time.

Lastelier leather goods

It was by proposing to one of the best Italian leather goods manufacturers to revalue his dormant stocks of leather that he agreed to work with us because at the time, it was a truly innovative concept. We have worked with him since the beginning, he works for the biggest luxury houses, some of whose leathers we revalue. And whether for upcycled leather or not, our leatherworker works with tanneries in his region which are all certified or part of projects such as "green l.i.f.e", Leather Naturally or even 100% leather.

We also work with artisans in Malaysia to create the body of the Bornéo bag and with a workshop in Vietnam for the body of the St Barth bag and the Sirocco fan. In these two countries, straw weaving is an ancestral knowledge that is passed down from generation to generation. Our artisans ethically produce high-quality accessories using noble and sustainable materials. Each piece is made by hand and straw is a natural material with multiple color variations and it is precisely these nuances of textures, grains and colors that make each piece a unique piece that bears the signature of the craftsman by whom it was made.

Lastelier hats

We have been working with an internationally renowned Italian hatmaker since our beginnings in 2016. He is the one who helped us create the famous patented interior pocket of our hats which is found on most of our models. Pocket in which you can put a magnetic hotel key, a card or even money. This is an exclusive innovation that you will only find at Lastelier.

For our iconic Portofino model, we use Japanese paper straw also called Toyo, it is a type of soft quality woven paper straw which is particularly resistant and allows you to keep your head cool and be well protected from the sun. We also have Panama hats made in Ecuador made from toquilla straw, which comes from a local species of palm tree. Weaving a panama can last up to 8 months! In 2009, the Ecuadorian Institute of Intellectual Property recognized Panama's controlled designation of origin and in 2012, UNESCO listed it as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.


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Our accessories are rich in meaning, authentic, well thought out, well made, made in a responsible and reasoned manner, with real know-how, they bring us happiness, they take care of us and reflect the love of beautiful things... They are all these details, of which we take the greatest care, which make our accessories essential and indispensable pieces.